The Arian, Explained

The name is Mrs HRB.


Me being a mama to The Teenager Girl.

Me with my Other Half, friend, lover, confidante, husband, soul mate.

This is Zeus, one of the furkids. We currently have 26 23 25 26 29 30 28 furkids at home. Most were rescued from all kinds of places, some came to the house and decided to adopt us, a few were born at home. One or two came by after the kids brought them home.

Do you suppose our cats talk to other stray cats they met in the back alley?

What do I do to put food on the table?

An HR practitioner as a day job, an entrepreneur most of the time and a dreamer since the day I was born. 

The dreamer in me

I love travelling. One day, one fine day, God’s will, I will take the this one journey that I’ve always thought of – the journey through the Silk Route on a 4-wheel drive, roughing it out for weeks from Beijing to Tashkent, across the wilderness of the Kazakhstan, passing through old, tall and twisted vines of apples trees…..admiring the Tibetan monastery in Labrang. I dream of travelling the very route where Alexander The Great and Genghis Khan hovered over their great armies on their war stallions. Images of colourful bazaars, scent of spices trailing among the alleyways in the city of Samarkand play in my mind.
Oh, on top of this, the dream is to build a ginourmous library in the house and an in-house mini movie theater.
Insyaallah, we will make that journey to visit Allah’s House too.  
Other hobbies

ANIMAL LOVER. Cats, dogs, bears, monkeys, hen, civet cats, cows, sheep, goats, turtles, terrapins, wild cats, porcupines, tiger cubs, slow lorris – I had them all when I was a kid. Still keeping cats..and the occasional fish in the tank. 

I love cooking for family and friends. To me, cooking is one of my ways of showing my love for them. “Cook with love”, I said, “and the food will taste better.” 

Blogging as a therapy

I started off this blog when I was at my lowest ebb in my life when my 17 years marriage came to an end. It became a platform to channel my thoughts and managed the pent-up anger. After a time, I found that by blogging, I also found other like-minded new friends out there. I also found out that a blog would also help a potential life partner to understand you better…..

I met George in the most unconventional way but whatever way that was, let me put it this way, I found my friend, husband, partner, lover and soul mate in him, and I thank God for making him part of my life. We got married last July 2009 in an intimate, beautiful traditional wedding.

The posts here will reflect my own journey in my phase when I was on the verge of my previous marriage followed on by my route to be a single mom and finally getting married to the Love of my life. It also reflects the challenges that I faced raising up a teenager at home, all the trial and the tribulations in her own journey to adulthood.  I also blog about what I see daily. Tips, tricks that came with the blog are mostly from my own experience. The rants in this blog are entirely mine and mine alone and does not reflect anyone else’s.

Is that it?

I like Richard Branson, good food, great coffee or tea, long drives, the beaches, movie dates and books, among other things. Not in that order too.

Much love.



14 Replies to “The Arian, Explained”

  1. Hi Hanie!

    Came across your blog while surfing through the WordPress tag surfer. Such a small world.
    Anyway, nice to see you here.

  2. Hanie, I love how you share of yourself! If I may be so brazen, based on your background and experiences, you may like to check out this link: This is an international non-profit organization which I worked for whose mission and vision was global peace with an emphasis on empowerment and education of women. Although I am no longer there due to my move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia I keep in touch and contribute as I can.

    Best Regards,
    American Bedu

  3. Thanks so much Carol, for dropping by. I tried to click on the link but it says it is still under construction. I have mapped out some ventures next year of something along the same line as what I am currently doing and it would be great to get some feel on how things are done on an international level.

    I came a long way from where I came from. So, the only sensible thing to do right now is to start giving back where everyone benefits.

  4. I click your blog link from SK blog…and wonder who is this lady because you look soooo familiar… i remember…i saw you at the Career Planning training at Permata last 18-20 of May, 09.

    I love to read your writings and thoughts 😀

  5. Hi Aida, thanks for dropping by. My thoughts and writings here can be quite uh, different from the mainstream so be warned!!

    Hope you found the PCP session useful. Feel free to contact us if there is a need for further discussion (that was me wearing the work hat).

    Feel free to comment on any topic here too (that was me in off-work mode);-)

  6. Hi Hanie,

    I recently stumbled upon an image posted on your site through google search. It’s under your entry titled Busana Bridal. I am from an advertising agency in Kelana Jaya called 9 Lives Communications. We would like to know if this image is taken by you and if you can sell it to us for one of our client’s promotional material. If you are interested, please drop me an email as what I have keyed in in the E-mail field on top. Thanks alot.

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