Knot That Got Unravelled

When I started in the business many years ago, there were many people along the way whom have contributed to my growth. Some in a good way, some gave examples at how I should not be. These people came in so many forms – family, friends, vendors, bosses, colleagues..and I think it is important to … Continue reading Knot That Got Unravelled

Happy Holidays

Christmas Eve Dinner G and I decided to host a simple dinner on the Christmas eve. Simple because it was a pot luck dinner instead of a full cooking session which we had done in the previous years. No turkey and fresh oysters this year as well. Prices have gone up and wallet is thinner. … Continue reading Happy Holidays

It Is Scandalous!!

I was referring to the attire that I wore when travelling to the two Holy Cities. On departure day. The abaya/robe is just soooooooo pretty and amazingly cool to wear despite the outside heat. However, travelling from KL to Jeddah is no laughing matter. That’s a good 9 hour flight not including idling time before … Continue reading It Is Scandalous!!

Get That Food

Yes, let’s talk about culture shock. The reason being is that, during umrah course, all they mentioned was – do not get into argument with the locals, be patience, respect the local law, respect other people’s spaces. We Malaysians are really good bunch of people. What we were not prepared was in essence, was a … Continue reading Get That Food