Cats Of Medina And Mecca

I could not find kibbles in Medina and Mecca. I could not believe it. Something so simple and yet…wow! We encountered many stray cats as we traveled from Jeddah/Medina/Mecca. From the stray cats at the airport to skinny ones at the rest stops along the road to Medina and beautiful ones in Mecca. They tend to be unfriendly towards humans but was very pleased to meet a few new “friends” along the way. Those cats that we met on a daily basis while in Mecca were quite friendly towards me. Several would try to climb on my hijab and allowed themselves to be patted and held up. They get to eat rice with fried fish or chicken.

I actually wrote to a rescue group which is based in Jeddah. I also realized that animal rescue is not a big thing in Saudi as I had difficulties in contacting a few other groups for advise especially on getting cat food. Or could it be a language barrier? I have no idea. But those who are travelling for hajj or umrah, and you are a feeder yourself, please bring along kibbles with you as I can tell you this – you cannot find kibbles in the shops at both places. Even if you ask them about cat food? They will laugh at you…soooo……..;-(

IMG_20151225_040042.jpgA tom cat with his pretty girl friend in the surau of Jeddah hajj/umrah terminal airport.

IMG_20151225_064531.jpgTwo cats we saw (among many…) at one of the rest stops from Jeddah to Medina. The night was cold. Maybe about 15C. These cats were outside looking for food. I felt bad as I did not have anything to give them.

In Mecca. Cats we met nearby our hotel.

See the black boy at the left side? He is blind on one eye.

We met these two regularly as they were always near our hotel. The one on the right has beautiful Bengal-like spots.

Handsome Tom

Each time we walk to Masjidil Al Haram, we would bump onto this handsome fella. One of my favourites as he was very friendly. He has many other friends outside of the mosque. Not sure how they survive…


One of the nights on the way back from our second umrah, we went out to feed the cats. Plenty of hungry cats….big and small.


As I was preparing for Maghrib prayers at the outer court of Fatima Az-Zahra (The Floating Mosque in Jeddah), I saw a black cat at the upper wall of the mosque.



At The Big Bad Wolf Sale

Time: 2 am

Location: The Big Bad Wolf Sale, The Mines Exhibition Centre

Event: The CRAZY Big Bad Wolf Sale that runs for 24 hours (6-15 December, 2013). Yes, it runs for freakin’ 24 hours…

As we entered the humongous event hall, and saw gadzillion books..(they put up about 3 million books for the event). The hall was packed with humans, humans and more humans at 2 am!

Husband: Wow! I get a hard-on just seeing these books.

Wife: Me too! And, I don’t even have a penis!

cool cats

We left the event hall at 4 am and the hall was still packed.


Cat Sitting

Emi and Jaja were cat-sitting the kids over the weekend as we were away for a much-looked-for short trip down to Malacca.

As the two ladies are regulars at home, the kids were not skittish at all with them. Emi took the opportunity to do some practice cam shots with a few of them with wonderful results.

ArthurArthur looking stunned…hehehe…he looks adorable.

Arthur4Getting to that itchy spot!

Boris2The handsome Boris – the Russian Blue look-alike.

Guinevere bnwA lovely black and white image of Guinevere.

GuinevereGuinevere preening herself.

KucingWe simply adore this image of Uncle Kucing. Emi called it the Godfather look.

Kucing2Another shot of Uncle Kucing.

ShebaSheba drinking from the huge water bowl at the porch.

Thanks Emi and Jaja for cat sitting!





Dude, You Can’t Even Spell It Right!



I was checking my blog’s search words today and found these!

…”entering the vigina in a penis..”

Dude, let me get this straight. First, I CANNOT wrap my head around the idea of shoving a vigina (I was flipping the Oxford looking for “vigina”) in a penis…because…errr…it is just not a done thing.

Second, did some flower pots fall on your head or something? I mean, “vigina”? You can’t even spell it right. Now, what does THAT tell you?

You are seriously NOT ready for sex, dude. If you can’t spell vagina right, you’ve got no business anywhere near one.

Hari Raya Aidil Fitri 1433 – Day 3

Eh? What happened to Day 2 you may ask?

Day 2 was spent chillaxing like this…..


Amadeus sleeping after a hard day’s work of inspecting the housing area….

Ok, so, Day 3.

We drove back to Raub to do a few house visits. The most important task was to drop by at my late Abah’s grave and offer him some prayers.


At Mak Andak’s house (aunty Number 1) George enjoying a Raya cookie called Dragon Ball – a ball shaped cookie covered with rich chocolate and coated with crushed peanuts.





Wati (cousin) and me…

George flanked by my two cousins – Ani (L) and Wati (R)




At the pusara (cemetary) of my late Abah. The grave marker is new. Finally after his 10th year of his passing, I finally managed to get his pusara completed, thanks to George for his insistence.


Next stop -over at my cousin’s house – the lovely couple of Linda and Suffa. This is us being a bunch of sillies by having our picture taken, covering our tummies with the red cushions and trying to look cool at the same time;-)


I Need A Holiday

I need a holiday

Badly, badly, badly

Dipping my toes

In the warm sea

Or getting acquainted

With the green forest

Hopefully there’s no bugs and bees.


What do you think, Husband?

How To Get As Close As Possible To Mel Gibson

I supposed this is the closest, ever, that we can get close to Mel Gibson. Not to touch him personally, but to be able to wear the suit that his tailor made.

Fitting time at the tailor.


Dont you think that my George looks dashing in his new suit? The suit made by the very same tailor who did Mel Gibson’s suits.

How cool was that?

Jane Avatar

Our little Jane is such a cutie pie. She loves nothing more than just playing with her big brothers and sisters, and loves sleeping in her hammock. But today, she decided that the walk back to her hammock was a tad too far and she decided to sleep on the carpet infront of the TV. Notice the big blue ball at the far back near the sliding door. That is one of her toys.

What a little baby…

I think after a while she realized that I was snapping her pictures away. She woke up and decided that my lap was still the best place to sleep.

Oh. By the way, Jane has a full name now.

It is Jane Avatar! 😉