Ramadhan Al Mubarak 2015

Ramadhan is here again. It was “just” recently that I felt we celebrated Aidil Fitri and now the fasting month starts tomorrow. We went out for a family dinner earlier this evening at The Curve. Just something that we try to do every week or so. Ramadhan, to me, is a month of reflection and … Continue reading Ramadhan Al Mubarak 2015

The New House

Day 14 at the new house No. 75. Has it been that long since we moved in? The days just passed by so quickly in the last several weeks. First, the shift itself. Second, shifting all 27 furkids, which will take another blog to tell. Then, last weekend the contractors came to do install the … Continue reading The New House

Meaning Of Loyalty

I seriously think that one of the investments that Malaysian government ought to put in place pronto is to send its officers, ministers and whoever else to public speaking programs. They also ought to invest in media crisis and media relationship programs so that whatever statements that come out from those mouths will not offend … Continue reading Meaning Of Loyalty