Old Photos of Past

Found these two old pictures of my late mom, Siti Zaleha, my maternal grandma, Bedah Haji Musa and my great grandfather, Haji Musa bin Haji Ali, seen with his 3rd wife, Saodah. We could not obtain any story on this 3rd grandma. My mom’s picture was probably taken on the day she remarried to my … Continue reading Old Photos of Past

October is here

And the rainy season has started. It is making itself felt almost on a daily basis. Daging & Co is in a phase where it need stabilisation and finding its footing – plans vs reality. You plan and plan and then execute, only to find out that you need to tweak that bloody bugger. On … Continue reading October is here

Agesm of the Mature Kind

Over 50, highly skilled, highly experienced, educated, jobless.   When I was running my HRO in a particular business segment many years ago, “old” means when you hit 25. The average age was 23. “In the next 14 years, Malaysia will have at least 15 percent the population will be made up of the age group, … Continue reading Agesm of the Mature Kind