Agesm of the Mature Kind

Over 50, highly skilled, highly experienced, educated, jobless.   When I was running my HRO in a particular business segment many years ago, “old” means when you hit 25. The average age was 23. “In the next 14 years, Malaysia will have at least 15 percent the population will be made up of the age group, … Continue reading Agesm of the Mature Kind

Of Real Empowerment

  The real empowerment is in the mindset and the actions following to that. Does not matter that whether you are a man or a woman. No point of having education, but blinded on why you need to learn No use of having a spouse if you do not grow together and ended stifling each … Continue reading Of Real Empowerment

Where did 2017 go?

It is the first week of December 2017. And I am feeling shitty just as how I have been feeling for the last many months. All of the short burst of energies did just that – short burst of energy – did not last long. No more euphoric feelings. This year has been especially tough, … Continue reading Where did 2017 go?