Tom, The Cat Who Thinks He Is A Seal

2013-02-13 23.36.22Tom the sealTom the sealTom the seal


TOM (Jan 2013-Dec 2013)
Dearly missed.

As you lay motionless in my arms, I am drowned in sorrows
Caressing your velvety paws
Never say it is over
Till it is over.

When you reach that glorious place
Tom, with that handsome feline face
Never say it is over
Till it is over.

Photo0531(above pix)

Pix of Tom in my arms yesterday morning just before I bury him underneath the rambutan tree in the garden. The same garden where he loved to play in.

Tom was a rescued cat from a wet market. He was hungry and was looking for food the day I found him. With that lovable face and baby blue eyes, I was instantly in love with this boy. He was loving and loved to move about on the sofa or the floor like a seal.




Several weeks ago…

My heart felt such deep sadness and I had no idea why. My lower left eye kept on twitching endlessly.

Early this week…

Boris was clingy which was unusual. He picked a new favourite curling place by the sofa and wanted to be picked up all the time. We came back from work and he stood up against my legs as I entered the family hall. I quickly called out his name, picked up this gorgeous boy and hugged him tight.

In a flash, I saw an image of him on the street, laying motionless. It was so quick that it took me by surprise! It felt as if electricity just went passed my body! I looked at his handsome face and he stared back at me with his green eyes and purr-ed…

It must have been a figment of my imagination, I thought.

Two nights ago….

We came back home late from one of our classes. It had been a long day. I cruised the streets leading to our home and had to drive slower as there was a neighbour’s car moving slowly way ahead of us. As the car slowed down and turning left to park, there at the end of the street, I saw a shape on the street. It was so near the house.

My heart skipped a beat and I could not breathe. Somehow I knew.

We got closer to home and there was Boris as how I saw him in the mental image I saw several nights ago.

How could it be? What was he trying to tell me? I did not understand any of this. I stopped the car, breathless, and choked with tears. I ran towards his lifeless body and carried him in my arms towards the porch. I had no idea when did George brought the car in. Moments just stood still for a while, it was so surreal.


What did you try to tell me nights ago? That it was time for you to go? That you wanted me to hug you so that I will remember you that way?

It took me two days to frame up my thoughts on how to write a memorium for Boris. He was, after all, a special cat.

He was brought back home from the vet sometime in September last year after being abandoned there by his owner for two years. Our vet took care of him well and they did an awesome job at it.


Thanks to our friend, Emi for this beautiful, beautiful picture of Boris. What a handsome looking boy!

Boris loved to take his evening walk. The weather had been crazy and it could get really annoying hot and humid in the evening. With his thick fur, the evening walk outside of the house must have done him good. He usually did not go too far; just around the corner of the last house on the street and settled himself in some flower bush.

He has this walk or gait that I love to see and such an adorable gentle giant with the greenest eyes.

This is how we want to remember him. A cat who finally had his freedom.



Dennis was the most recent furbaby that died due to the stray dogs. I couldn’t find him the day before that fateful day. Looked for him the entire evening. Called his name but he didn’t come back. The next day, the neighbour came by and told me that she saw him deep down in the storm drain.

The Daughter going down the storm drain via a smaller drain nearby. This was her very first attempt at picking up an ex cat in a storm drain…..she had never done this before as there was always me around. But somehow she wanted to on that day. Armed with a black bag, a long pole and disposal gloves, she slowly trailed down the small drain.

Poor, poor Dennis.

RIP Dennis.

Missing My Little Whistle

My Whistle,

It has been about 12 days since you crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I would sit near your grave every morning without fail. I see the graves of your other brothers and sisters too. You have Snowy, Dexie, Domino next to you…among others. I am sure Atuk is looking over you as well.

I miss feeding you with your bottle every night when you would make that cute tiny sound. I miss watching you playing hide and seek with Blackie and Marcus. I miss watching you preening yourself and falling asleep on the sofa.

I wont see you grow big and strong like Amadeus, Ken, Bubbles, Juneu, Rexton or the other brothers and sisters.

Rest in peace, my baby. Mama misses you deeply much.


Farewell, My Julius

Julius Caesar has crossed the Rainbow Bridge after being sick for a while. The cold has taken a toll on his tiny body and he was showing signs of degeneration due to dehydration and virus when we took him to the vet. The weighing scale barely moved when he was weighted. Julius only weighted 0.46gram and he barely meow-ed when he was checked by the vet. He looked painfully skinny. A far cry from his previous active body. His brother, Marcus Antonius is 3/4 bigger than Julius.

Julius Caesar about a month ago.

Julius, photo dated 29 October 2011.

Julius, sleeping on my lap after his feeding. Photo dated 1 November 2011

Farewell, my dear baby Julius. Over the Kitty’s Rainbow Bridge, you are healthy and eating all the wet food that you like. You will be missed very much.

Abah, here’s another kitty for you to play with until the time we meet again, Insyaallah.