Equality In The Bedroom

Imagine that. A woman demanding equality in the bedroom “can help them achieve equal footing in boardrooms and in politics”. Largely unheard of in many Asian countries, sex remains a taboo subject; which I dont know why as everyone is having sex. I mean, what could you be doing when you are with your spouse, … Continue reading Equality In The Bedroom

Check List

To all the singles out there who are looking for a partner, I have a question for you. A very important question. It seems like a mindless silly question but needed to be asked.  Do you have a check list of what would be the ideal person that you are looking for to share your life with? If you … Continue reading Check List

Poly Life

Ok, I admit it. I have been a lurker for past few weeks in a few blogs posted by polyamorous living people/couples of out of curiosity. And, until todate, I cannot comprehend and digest the way of life these people are living. Call it selfish but I cannot and will not share my life and my … Continue reading Poly Life