Origami Condom

I haven’t the faintest idea how a condom could be an origami. But that was what it was – origami condom. Apparently, some dudes named Daniel Resnic and Ray Chavez had created this revolutionary condom from silicone instead of latex. Most probably a God-sent creation to those who experience allergy to latex, I found this new … Continue reading Origami Condom

Another Stupid Act

Sometime ago I wrote about Lyn’s friend, K, who ran away from his house with his girlfriend and did the deed with Colgate toothpaste. He did another of his idiotic antics again, with another girl recently. As a 15 year old girl whose parents whom I believe have been having a hard time trying to … Continue reading Another Stupid Act

Trust And Faith

Sometimes I tend to look back and realised that once in a while we put forth our faith and trust in a situation or a person so completely we forget that we should evaluate the scenario once in a while from deep inside ourselves. A friend told me that maybe it would be a good idea once in a … Continue reading Trust And Faith