The Power Of Three

The past couple of weeks have been really an interesting observation.

The olympic came and went. The paralympic game is coming to its tail end. Every single Malaysians took the chance to forget about the religious, political and race divide that have been haunting us for a while by coming together feeling proud of our athletes. The sound of Negara Ku played in Rio was exhilarating and makes me feel so patriotic.

Thursday night, G took me for a theater performance at KLPac. It was a full house. I saw so many people from every creed – blue, green, polka dot – and just being themselves, excited, happy and looking very artsy as people can get. We stood up for Negara Ku just before the show. People came in droves to watch “Shakespeare Goes Bollywood”. It was a funny performance, taking small jabs at current issues such as mixed marriages, religion and wealth divide. It was directed by a Chinese director Matthew Koh.

Then, yesterday, I represented our company, Dragonfire, as one of the panelists in a talk organized by Malaysia Collective Impact Initiative on education, employability and skill gaps. Despite the fact that there were us – blue, green, polka dot – we spoke and agreed on similar issues and moving forward.

And here I am reflecting, what could be the “thing” that could bind Malaysians again? I am now, truly convinced that there are only these things that could do it:

1) sports
2) education
3) arts

Nothing else can be as powerful as these Power of Three.



Equality In The Bedroom

Imagine that.

A woman demanding equality in the bedroom “can help them achieve equal footing in boardrooms and in politics”.

Largely unheard of in many Asian countries, sex remains a taboo subject; which I dont know why as everyone is having sex. I mean, what could you be doing when you are with your spouse, right? Surely we dont get busy counting armpit hair?

An article written by a spunky Indonesian lady, Firliana Purwanti, caught my eyes today and just had to write something about it. The article can be read here.


Being A Granny

I must share a secret. After this, it will no longer be a secret.

The Girl often teased me that I will be the default baby sitter when she gives birth to her baby. I usually tell her, oh noooo…not a baby…! I have done my part with babies, been there done that, enough with the diapers and colic..etc etc etc.

And then, Baby Kat arrived and I am all mushy.



Ramadan-KareemPix credit to

The Ramadhan this year has been a quiet affair for the family. It passed by ever so quickly and we are just about a couple of weeks to go before the Eid. So far we managed to squeeze two family breakfast together with The Daughter and The SIL. She is huge now and is in her trimester.

Been a while since I blogged. The ideas are floating, just no energy and motivation to start typing. And so many things have happened in between….