There Is No Co Existence Between Animals And Humans In The Modern World

I was just going through the Saturday newspaper. As usual there are so many attractive advertisements on furniture clearance, sale on jewelleries and the latest, greatest and the mostest news is on the F1 gala dinner.

There are several pull out advertisements too. One of the caught my eyes. It was this glossy, expensive looking property advertisement. It says that the property they are developing is “creating tomorrow and beyond”. Nice. I am such a sucker for packaging and all that and this glossy pull out make me wanted to read more. The gorgeous roundabout in the development looked stunning and everything looked so..ethereal. Almost out of the world.

The guest bedrooms, it says, open out to the back garden. Very, very nice layout and infact, the picture gave me some ideas of how I want to re decorate my own bedroom.

But, it also occured to me that this development and all the gadzillion development that I saw for so many years now, are not built for families with extended family members of the fur kind.

Some have  bi laws that disallow pets whatsoever. Some housing areas have so little land to have more than a dog or a cat.

We human beings have always wanted the perfect home and have beeing trying to build the perfect homes. But what we have done also is to forget the other part of our world which is the animals. They are either kept at zoos or abandoned at wet markets or on the streets. There is no space for them in this modern world. Let alone all those bigger animals such as cows.

Even after building such perfect homes for the humans, they still bicker about space for themselves.

The Epic Drive To The East Coast (Again) – Part 2

They say that you get what you pay for. Well, not quite necessary that way sometimes. Sometimes you pay a lot of money on certain things and yet not getting what you really want. So, to my mind, the “value” of paying something is what you “perceived” as the right value.

Having said that, the recent surprise trip to the East Coast was all of the above. G had us booked at one of YTL’s famous properties. Tanjung Jara Resort located in Terengganu is an epitome of class and hospitality. Their customer-centric resort is set on an equally beautiful setting. The room was well appointed for. The bathroom was wowwwww!!!

The service…well…what can you say about the service but be awed at the length of their hospitality to accommodate your wishes.

We first arrived in Tanjung Jara towards the late afternoon. Sweaty and tired but excited, we both walked towards the reception to be checked in. Very classy check in process it was. Instead of standing at the reception filling up forms etc, we were ushered to this beautiful seating area. Someone came over and served us some welcome drinks and took our documents to be processed.

Next, the room.

Check this out.

Photo2090Awesome room huh?

And check out the view from the room….the surrounding was so quiet. Only the sound of ocean and the birds were heard. I could even hear myself whispering…



Photo2093(Below) The sunrise was stunning.


The Epic Drive To The East Coast (Again) – Part 1

After successfully pushing away work for about a week, we are back home in Kuala Lumpur. It was fantastic to be on the road, but it was equally great to be back home too. The house was in a mess as the cleaner was sick but at least the kids were fed, thanks to our friends/neighbour Ms J and Ms E.

There are not many of these so-called Epic Drives even though G and I did our fair share of driving all over the country. To qualify the drive as being an Epic Drive, it must have these:

  • more than 2 days’ drive
  • no real itinerary, at least for half of the trip
  • far away from the city
  • doing some really crazy stuff (read: drive/do some weird stuff while travelling)
  • no work involve

The drive started on the 24th February 2014. We headed to Raub first and stayed overnight as we had a business meeting the next day (more on this soon). It was a successful meeting to say the least. Raub, being Raub, was a dead town after 6pm. Not sure where the local folks go to amuse themselves. And to think that I am a local girl….just saying.

We left Raub in the sweltering heat heading towards Kuantan. The Epic Drive had just started and I was all excited to no end.


Penarik Beach

Penarik Beach. We took pictures on the same spot a few years ago.

stray cats at Penarik beachAs usual, we will find stray cats. Fed this furkid before we started back on our journey.

Photo2086Big oil refineries along the way.

The Belated V Day Post

Photo1976 Photo1977 Photo1978 Photo1979  APhoto1980 Photo1981 Photo1982 Photo1983 Photo1985 Photo1986

Our V Day, as usual, is a drive through some kampung roads, and sometimes they do not even exist on the map. I felt like driving up North this time. Just because I miss the vast, green paddy fields that can be found in Sekinchan and the surrounding area. The day was splendid with the sun shining bright. We drove using the old Sg Buloh/Kuala Selangor road. Passing Ijok and several other smaller kampungs. No fruit stalls though as it is still early in the year.

After passing by the bridge in Kuala Selangor, then the real drive took place. You can see swaying palms and smell the ocean breeze in the air. However, unlike our beloved East Coast, the West Coast’s ocean is nothing to speak off. Made of muddy and still ocean, there is no real beach to speak of. We drove to this small beach called Pantai Redang. After driving through a small fishing village, we arrived at this hot, sandy beach. Mostly occupied by Chinese fishermen, we were amazed at how clean the beach was.

I wanted to have some cendol and G had this small can of coffee supposedly imported from Austria. My cendol was served in this big coconut. Very unusual.  Saw several dogs loitering about. Skinny dogs they were. Took out the dog food from behind the trunk and fed them.

Did not realized we drove that far until we reached Teluk Intan. I showed G the leaning tower of Teluk Intan of which, he promptly declared it The Leaning Tower of Disappointment. He was expecting the tower to be taller.

Sorry love, it is no Pisa!

The Wedding Planner

Well. What can I say. The Girl wanted to get married in the next few months. With more than two kampungs of invitees no less. No decent wedding should happen without a wedding planner, they say.

Uh huh.

Someone introduced a wedding planner to her. And what a nightmare this wedding planner has become that I told her “over my dead body” that she should hire this person!

This was the chat snapshot between the wedding planner and The Girl. Noticed the language she used and how “brilliant” her knowledge of a traditional Malay wedding. She also suggested that it is cool to order from Food Panda (is she out of her freakin’ mind?)

Check out the “berendoi set” she proposed to The Girl. Perhaps she was suggesting that the cats could be in the swing?

Berendoi, comes from the word “endoi” or swing. A baby is placed in a special swing and gently rocked to sleep.

Nowhere in this wedding ceremony that a berendoi will take place.

wedding planner chat

Holiday On My Mind…..

We both need REAL holiday. Soon.


(picture credit goes to

I want to smell the ocean, run the smooth sand in between my toes, wake up and lulled back to sleep to the sound of the crashing ocean against the shore.

I want to walk hand in hand with my darling while watching the sunset, or sunrise.

Have coffee at the patio while admiring the yonder and the specs of white tops.

No wifi, mobile phones, sms, whatsapps.

Just me and my baby…..


Back To School

“23,000 English language teachers to undergo training to improve efficiency.”

So screams the Sun newspaper headline dated 28 January, 2015.

Ok, so fine, they want them to go through all these training so that the teachers can be on par with their peers in England. Which is fine and dandy. But, they are forgetting that the process takes place way before the teachers step into the profession as English teachers.

It starts from school and all the way up to the university level.

I recall when I was in school, I was laughed at, or joked about because I wanted to “speak London”. I was reading English dictionary and was comfortable being the only Malay student who became the first speaker in the school debate team. But I didnt care. I wanted to make sure I was ahead of everyone else.

Fast forward to what I do now for a living which is training the corporate world and fresh graduates entering to the world of work, one of the main challenges being a Malay is having to build up that self confidence. Never mind that the English proficiency in writing or speaking left much to be desired, but the lack of self confidence is really in a critical state.

We had participants turned blue when asked to stand in front of the class and speak about themselves. One session had us having to help one participant who was hyperventilating and almost collapse. All I asked was for a 3 minute introduction of herself.

Anwyays, coming back to this initiative of having the English teachers be retrained for efficiency, maybe what else could be done is to ensure that each classroom and each session is safe environment for students to make as many mistake as they can and learn from it without having to be laughed at by their peers.

This is a good learning culture – safe environment. The culture should then be carry forward to the real world. The culture of asking questions without being told to shut up.

What Legacy Would You Leave Behind?

It has been a long day for G and I today. He was busy with his client’s coaching session and I was in a meeting with a client who is now soon fast to be a friend and hopefully, a business associate. It was amazing at how things just happened.

Several months G and I were involved in an exciting project on behalf of a client. The project involved us developing video scripts, both in English and Bahasa Malaysia. The project soon evolved to be like a real movie! The things you learn what goes on behind the scenes were so amazing and we both loved it so much.

Today’s blog was not so much about the video project but it is about how I met about this someone.

The video taping took place at an office somewhere in the city centre. The first night we did the shooting, the General Manager of the company came in to have a look at what we did. It just so happened that he brought his entire family along – his wife and two twins! – as they were on the way out from the city heading towards the East Coast for a short holiday. The one hour he said he wanted to stay turned out to be several hours. He was literally mesmerized (as we did) with the entire major production.

In between the shooting, someone introduced me to his wife. After exchanging some pleasantries, we chatted about the weather, the holidays, the usual stuff. The conversation was not long, could have been about 30 minutes ago. But too long to be away from behind the camera as I was supposed to be coaching the actors with their script.

That 30 minutes chat apparently turned out to be a life changing event for this person. She is now less stress, more relaxed and sure of her daily decisions about career, family and life. She is leaving her current job which pays extremely well but has been giving her grief mentally. She is, in her words, pursuing the greater things in life.

Just the other day, we spoke on the phone and she told me exactly that. What she said, gave me goosebumps. I could not recall what exactly was I said to her but here it was…

Apparent the life changing question was this,” What legacy would you like to leave behind?”

Pray For East Coast

The weather was bad, it rained every day, sometimes continuously for the entire day and night. That was the start of the monsoon season in November 2014. The rush of water from the hills and the rivers came in mercilessly on 26 December 2014.

The entire network in the East Coast was incapacitated.

Photo1322This was taken at the beach of Taman Tasik Gelora, Kuantan, Pahang. Dated 17 December 2014. G and I were in Kuantan for a short work trip. It rained the whole day and for the next 3 days. By the time we went back, Kuantan town was flooded and the water level had risen in major parts of the East Coast. As of 29th December 2014, the most affected states were Kelantan, Pahang, Johor, Terengganu, Perak and Selangor with a total evacuees of 225,731.

And I Thought The Flood Had Ended


I was back in Raub over the weekend to settle some personal matters. The initial drive from KL via Kuala Lumpur-Karak Expressway was great, the sun was shining and I could see the mountains beyond. Did a pit stop at the big Petronas stations just before entering Bentong toll and saw gadzilion convoys who were on their way to the East Coast for flood relief. The road heading towards Bentong was choked with 4-wheel drives and we got into an hour long jam at both entrances towards the town centre. Water was receding at several parts of the roadside. It took me about an hour just to pass Bentong town which normally will take me about 15 minutes only.


This was taken along the Federal Route 8 (Bentong-Raub) around 2pm. I could see dark clouds forming beyond the yonder.


I saw this as I entered Raub town. This was in front of Taman Wawasan.

It rained cats and dogs that Saturday night and had caused Sg Bentong to swell and damaged the Bentong bridge. Both ends were damage causing the bridge to be rendered dangerous for us.

This means motorists, including moi had to use an alternative road to get back to KL on Sunday.


So, there I was driving through Sertik-Mempaga 2-lane road. The road passes by small, quaint little villages and fruit orchards. Think of off-roading with a slightly better road condition and hundreds of cars, busses and lorries as your travelling companions, you will know how it is.


This was the turning exit to Mempaga road from Raub.


There were so many cars…


Even traffic jam right in the middle of no-where….


(source from The Star) This was the Bentong bridge. Kinda scary!

Don’t Be Stupid

I am a member of this particular FB group whose members consist of single mothers and ladies who have remarried. Managed by a good friend of mine who also happens to be a single mom herself, this group is…interesting.

A few days ago, one of the ladies, a single mom with 2 kids posted a rather interesting question. She wrote that she is dating a guy who was divorced from his wife for 12 years. The guy is keen to marry her but he is also keen to get back to his ex wife.

Whom he had divorced 12 years ago.

Blinking 12 years ago.

The Malay has a name for this kind of behaviour. It is called “gila talak“, meaning desperate to get back at one’s ex spouse till you go mental.

Nice description, huh?

So,her question was, “Should I marry this guy?”

I mean, woman, where’s your brain? Is your bed freezing that bad every night? Or desperate for a man’s touch that makes you become stupid?

Oh. Wait. She also added that his friend said this guy was never seen with another woman, except this time around with this lady. Uh. And, your point is? For a mere few words, you have left your brain and logic behind?


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