Dear Kitten….

This household has 25 cats all together, not including 4 kittens from Ms Tiger who got herself pregnant before we had the chance to send her for snip-snip. You dont see all of the 25 at any given time. But, perhaps the most is about 15-20 at best, during meal time. This is especially so if it is wet food or boiled chicken is served.

At the oddest time, we will have the newbie who are just being rescued from somewhere. It could be from the major highway at 10 pm in the middle of the rain, or somewhere in the middle of a busy inter section of the city, or anywhere where you dont even think how on earth a cat happen to be there.

So, this new newbies need to adjust to the new environment. They have to learn the hierarchy of the household. Who eats where, who gets to sit longer on THAT particular cat bed, or who gets the privilege to come into the bedroom. That kind of stuff.

I found this video below absolutely entertaining and completely adorable. The elder  cat reminds me of Uncle Kucing who passed away sometime this year. And, we all miss him dearly.

Of Being Independent


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independent quote

I was with this candidate a few days ago. We were in a cafe, deep in conversation as I was preparing her for an important interview the next day. I knew her when she was about 7 years old. Her father used to be a work colleague. I used to visit their lovely home in Petaling Jaya for Eidil Fitri. The grandmother baked the best kuih kacang (peanut cookies) I have ever tasted. Several years later, my friend and his wife were divorced. Essentially, the children grew up in between two houses. I lost contact with my friend and have not met the children in so many years. Until several months back.

Anyways, as she was telling me her experience being a wife (she got married 3 years ago), she said that there are many of her favourites activities that she doesnt do anymore.


Interesting how she described that she herself has changed to accommodate the “need” of her new home. The need to feel like a someone’s wife or someone’s staff or to fill the need to feel “belong”.

The Paper Chase That I Do Not Have

(HRB blogging from the comfort of an air-cond room, her heart is yearning for a long travel to the East Coast and burying her toes in the hot, soft sand on the beach)

It is common knowledge that Steve Jobs never completed his education. His real paper qualification came in the form of a high school education and a one semester in a college. That’s it.

It would be fantastically funny to see how his resume will look like if he is ever invited to pitch for a project case with this Government agency that my team is working on right now. As usual, team members are to be screened before being admitted to the project. I am perplex as to how my training certificate from 35 years ago needed to be sighted by them.

Training certificate from 35 years ago? If whatever skills and experience that I have today (and clients are actually paying me for my services) are based from a puny training certificate from 35 years ago, then I digress.

Wombat Is Not A Pig

Do not believe me? Ask Uncle Google.

wombat baby

There is a current uproar in Malaysia, being blasted by who-else but the oh-so Melayu no less. Read about it here.

I am saddened by all these idiotic mentality that is now so prevalent in Malaysia. Instead of going forward, we are all going so backwards. With more smart phones and access to knowledge via the internet, so surprise there are still people who are just so lazy to research on a subject.

The subject in discussion is a mascot in a form of wombat. Sydney (he has a name) is the official mascot for ServeCorp, an Australian company. Now, if these people care to read a bit more about ServeCorp, they should know about the mascot. The embarassing part was when someone from DBKL said that the image is of a “beruang” (bear).

sydney mascot

This reminds me of an Eidil Fitri advertisement a few years ago which was produced by TV3 if I am not mistaken. The advertisement was showing a couple of happy children on a flying cart. They were also playing in a garden filled with flowers including lotus flowers. Seemed such an innocent ad right?

One dude who had nothing better to do during the Ramadhan said that the flying cart was a symbol of Christianity as it looked like Father Chrismas with his sledge. The lotus flowers were deemed offensive as it symbolized the Buddhist faith.

The question is, why are we like this? Why the intolerance towards others? Is there a certain food that we are eating nowadays that affects our thinking skills and making us less rationale and less accepting?

It must be the nasi lemak then. Could it be the banana leaf rice we eat on Sundays? Or the chap fan?

Something Is Missing In This Ramadhan

Every year, I would look forward to Ramadhan. It is a month of solitude, soul searching, do good, self and spiritual discovery.

This year has been different. Two weeks down after the Ramadhan starts, I am still not “feeling” or “finding” it. The mind is still spinning as fast as it could and my heart is still not at ease and calm.

What could it be?

The Business Of Kain Batik Sarung, Towel And Women In Short Skirts

I am setting up my new business venture.

Selling kain batik sarung at all the main entrances of courts, transportation offices and Government buildings. On top of this, I am also going to sell towels near the main entrances of public hospitals. How much are YOU willing to pay for each piece?

More news on kain batik sarung and towel cladded women, read the link below:


The Art Of Finding The Soul Mate


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This piece is dedicated to a dear friend, Mohsin who is a game changer, explorer, adrenaline junkie, single & available and is on his quest to look for The One.

All of us grew up watching Disney movies where the Prince and Princess will live happily ever after at the end. The movies are always accompanied with beautiful songs which are so Disney-esque.

And still did not see it in the real world.

Beautiful, I thought. But I never thought that true love would happen to me. Finding that elusive soul mate is just a fairy tale. I grew watching so many loveless marriages and shattered relationships that the idea of true love just eluded me.

The Never Land

Being single at one point of my life taught me a few important things, and I call this my Never Land:

  • never underestimate your own strength of living through life
  • never have the “I am a victim” mentality
  • never “settle” as you deserve more. Psychobitches and psycho bastards are abound and difficult to shake off.
  • never disregard your bull shit detector/gut feels that God gives you
  • never accept “half loaf of bread”
  • never be needy and desperate
  • never compact your life in a small box. The world is your oyster, go explore.
  • (this is for men) never let your dick do the thinking as it has no brain for rationalisation.

Some friends ask me how do G and I achieve a balance in our own marriage. Being so different and yet so compatible. Well, I do not have all the answers but one thing we agreed upon is that we both have had life experiences before we met each other. If we had met years before we were destined to meet, I do not think we will even tolerate each other, let alone being married! Being the practical people that we are, we treated the relationship as a business similar to merger & acquisition. We prodded, examined, asked, validated everything from divorce papers, salary slips to health screens to legal papers. Then we opened up the “closets” and think about whether we could live with all these information with a knowledge and acceptance that history was done. That this person is here, now, present and he/she cannot undo what has happened in the past. The acceptance is important because this is where the trust comes in. The trust that whatever you found in the closets will never be used against you in the future. This is where the NDA (non disclosure agreement) comes in. Next step is to sign the M&A or in this context, the pre nuptial agreement.

But, one of the key things is this – your “customer service” must be opened, 7 days a week, 365 and a quarter – ever ready to serve your “client” (spouse/partner/soulmate). Come rain or shine, this customer service must be grounded, neutral and objective.

Why I Am A Big Advocate of Pre nuptial Agreement

Donald Trump, one of my big time idols advocates pre nuptial agreement. “It’s a hard, painful, ugly tool,” says Trump. “Believe me, there’s nothing fun about it. But there comes a time when you have to say, ‘Darling, I think you’re magnificent, and I care for you deeply, but if things don’t work out, this is what you’re going to get.” It is worth noting that he was married twice before Melania Knauss and both ex wives tried contesting the pre nup with no success.

See what happens when the love is lost? When you are still in love, you want to give and give and love and care the other person. When the love is lost, trust me my friends, even a single sen will be dug out from the past – where was it gone to, what have you done with it, etc etc.

It is also a show of responsibility especially when you have a business to run. Pre nuptial agreements ensures the company’s sustainability which in return takes care of its employees. Do not punish the employees for your own stupidity when the company is split into several ways upon your divorce. Imagine 10s, 100s or thousands of employees who are out of jobs when this happens.

The Check Boxes

Sure, you can create as many boxes as you like as you go along but remember all these boxes must also be a reflection of yourself. Would you check all these boxes for yourself?

So Where’s The Art In This?

Be brave, listen to your gut feel, open up your mind and do not be gullible. It is easy to fall in lust and confused it with love.

Ramadhan Al Mubarak 2015


Ramadhan is here again. It was “just” recently that I felt we celebrated Aidil Fitri and now the fasting month starts tomorrow.

We went out for a family dinner earlier this evening at The Curve. Just something that we try to do every week or so. Ramadhan, to me, is a month of reflection and contemplation about life itself. Somehow, it also brings back my childhood memories. Never fails. Year in, year out.

Fasting month during my childhood days means having to wake up very early. The entire family – my parents, grandparents – will wake up to start preparing a full meal. That means we will see rice, a few types of dishes and dessert. There will be sambal fish, gulai ayam, more sambal, vegetable. Dessert can be anything from bubur to fruit from our own orchard.

In my mind, I could still see my grandmother sitting by the steps after the meal, just resting and waiting for the sun rise.

This will be my 5th Ramadhan with George. It will be a busy month too as we prepare for our second half of the year with business activities.


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